Saturday, October 06, 2007

How to change web-hosting providers

When one finds the services of web hosting dissatisfactory or when there is congestion in the site then there is definitely a need for switching over to new host provider. However switching over to new host provider is not very easy therefore the following are the points one must consider before switching over to new host:

1.Taking backup of all files and databases.
Before transferring anything first of all one must create a backup of all the files and databases, which were earlier with the host provider. That FTP into user's current hosting account and that backup of files from public html directory to personal local hard drive helps user to keep remembering those things afterwards. However backup methods tend to vary from database vendor-to-vendor, control panel being used by different hosts as well as with the operating system of the server. In most of the cases the host providers provide backup utility that enables user to save a copy of all contents of database table. However in absence of this utility a user must export the contents into a comma delimited file or the standard file format depending upon the database he uses. Most of the popular backup utilities tend to convert database into one long SQL file that is easy to be reconstructed by any compatible database engine.

2.Shifting to the new server.
One must before changing the DNS information of his domain should check if the website is functioning properly at the new location. However its not possible to navigate the site completely with pointing the domain name towards it, still one can check at least individual pages they are working or not. A user, for checking still needs the IP address of his hosting account along with the user name in case he is having shared IP address. By entering on cpanel server a user's main website should come up. One can use this address until the DNS information transmits to the new web.

3. Precautions before final winding up.
Once completed the above steps, the backup fill of the database or the SQL file generated should be executed, as this will helps in restoring the database to the new server as it is. Thereafter the name server information of the domain name must be changed. It's quite often that one registers domain with or with the old web-hosting provider. In most of the cases they provide username and password that enables user to log in and change the nameservers. In case one is not having control panel then simply he can email the company that have registered his domain name to change his name servers to the new servers. It will take around 24 to 48 hours and the website will be served from new server instead of from old one. Just after assurance it's safe to request old web hosting company to delete and discontinue the old account.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Prepaid credit cards are a boon

Prepaid credit cards are a boon for people who just cannot be thrifty, try as they might. A prepaid credit card limits the amount that a person might want to spend. How does it work? You just load a certain amount on to the card. This amount defines the limit of the card.

I know of several people who just cannot resist the urge to say "charge it". The dangers of this get intensified in the case of reward credit cards, which claim that the more you spend, the greater your rewards.

Of course, every credit card has its plus and minus points. If you cannot curb your urge to spend, spend, and spend some more, it is not fair to blame it on the low interest credit cards that were sold to you. Credit cards need to be used sensibly if you want to wring the most value out of them.

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Most people do not have sufficient liquid cash to start a business on their own

Starting a business is not the easiest thing in the world. One must figure out all the issues that are involved. One must be aware of the possible problems and the potential profits. One should ensure that all the paperwork is taken care of. Of course, the question of financing the business cannot be ignored.

Most people do not have sufficient liquid cash to start a business on their own. There are people who do. But the vast majority of us have to turn to financial institutions to get Unsecured Business Loans. We are indeed fortunate that the loan markets have expanded so much. Thus, getting great loans to start up a business has become a great deal easier.

Of course, it still is difficult to get Bad Credit Business Loans. However, a person who has either bad personal credit or bad business credit can still turn to the Business Cash Advance to help with the start up.