Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Free Directory

What Is Your Name?
Ali Kashif

What Are the Ways of Getting Listed in Your Directory (E.G. Free, Reciprocal, Paid)?
Reciprocal and Paid

What Is Your Main Source for Entries?
here are top 3 Referrers

When Did You Start This Directory?
1st August 2006

How Many Entries Do You Have in the Entire Directory?
A7: 3028

What Is Different About Your Directory?
A8: very low cost just $1, and $1 fee is implemented cause of very high number of link submission daily

Do You Advertise Your Directory?
so far no, but will start advertising next month (December)

What Are Various Ways in Which You Earn Money From Your Directory?
Link sales, regular as well as featuredGoogle adsense

How Much Money Do You Make From the Directory?
very low only $20 / month on average

Did You Create This Directory Or Buy It?
bought it

Have You Managed To Get Listed With Many Directory-Submitters?
no, I never used any Directory-submitters; I do manual work for this. Directory-Submitters do usually do not give Proper results.

What Plans Do You Have for This Directory?
my goal is to achieve PR7+ for this directory in next 1.5 or 2 years of time.


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