Sunday, October 29, 2006

Top92 Directory

What Is Your Name?
Michael Yuke

What Are the Ways of Getting Listed in Your Directory (E.G. Free, Reciprocal, Paid)?
We currently have reciprocal, paid regular links and featured links.

What Is Your Main Source for Entries?
Direct traffic is the main source for entires on Top92.

When Did You Start This Directory?
Top92 has been a directory for about 6 months now.

How Many Entries Do You Have in the Entire Directory?
We currently have 1034 links in the directory. We only accept the the sites that meet our submission guidelines.

What Is Different About Your Directory?
We love what we do.

Do You Advertise Your Directory?
We currently are not doing advertising. There are plans we a advertising plan for Q1 2007.

What Are Various Ways in Which You Earn Money From Your Directory?
Selling links on the site. How else would we make money?

How Much Money Do You Make From the Directory?
That is a private question. It is in the low $XXX.xx monthly at this point.

Did You Create This Directory Or Buy It?
This directory was created by me.

Have You Managed To Get Listed With Many Directory-Submitters?
I like to have people submit their own sites to our site.

What Plans Do You Have for This Directory?
No plans currently. Some advertising is upcoming. Maybe a small promotion. We will see what the future holds.


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