Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Is Your Name?
Keral. C. Patel.

What Are the Ways of Getting Listed in Your Directory (E.G. Free, Reciprocal, Paid)?
Paid. Reciprocals used to be free but are not free anymore.

What Is Your Main Source for Entries?
Other directories and forums that I visit regularly.

When Did You Start This Directory?
I started this directory in Feb 2006.7.

How Many Entries Do You Have in the Entire Directory?
Around 150 right now.

What Is Different About Your Directory?
I just take in premium sites. Some payments have been refunded back. And that is the main reason My directory has only 150 listings.

Do You Advertise Your Directory?
Yeah I advertise it.

What Are Various Ways in Which You Earn Money From Your Directory?
Just listing fees. I haven't placed any ads or any other affilaite banners on it.

How Much Money Do You Make From the Directory?
Around $100 a month.

Did You Create This Directory Or Buy It?
I downloaded the free version of phpLD 2.0 which was very popular at that time. (It is still very popular) And customized the template myself.

Have You Managed To Get Listed With Many Directory-Submitters?
No not many but maybe 4 or 5.

What Types of Directories Will Succeed and What Types Will Fail?
Only the directories from which the webmaster himself is making profit will stay there. Because I don't think many people will have that kind of finance to go on with a not earning directory.

What Plans Do You Have for This Directory?
Right now nothing. It is well settled and it takes care of itself.


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