Friday, October 13, 2006


What Is Your Directory Called?

What Is the URL of the Directory?

What Is Your Name?
Jay Anderson

What Are the Ways of Getting Listed in Your Directory (E.G. Free, Reciprocal, Paid)?
Free, Reciprocal, and Paid entries are welcome

What Is Your Main Source for Entries?
Search engines, word of mouth, and forums postings

When Did You Start This Directory?
A couple months ago

How Many Entries Do You Have in the Entire Directory?
Close to 200

What Is Different About Your Directory?
It contains links that are manually looked over and confirmed.

Do You Advertise Your Directory?
Yes I do.

What Are Various Ways in Which You Earn Money From Your Directory?
Adverts, featured listings

How Much Money Do You Make From the Directory?

Did You Create This Directory Or Buy It?
Created this directory

Have You Managed To Get Listed With Many Directory-Submitters?
Yes I have.

What Types of Directories Will Succeed and What Types Will Fail?
The directories should have a great design, lots of GOOD links (not subdomain type links), good promotion, and a good reputation.

What Plans Do You Have for This Directory?
To expand it, and increase users of the directory.


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