Monday, October 02, 2006

Lively Directory

What Is Your Name?
Richie Ni

What Are the Ways of Getting Listed in Your Directory (E.G. Free, Reciprocal, Paid)?
Premier Paid

When Did You Start This Directory?
It's about 1 month ago.

How Many Entries Do You Have in the Entire Directory?
I have got around 60 Entries.

What Is Different About Your Directory?
Nothing special in the design..Making a great intnernet source site is my goal.

Do You Advertise Your Directory?
Yes,I do.

What Are Various Ways in Which You Earn Money From Your Directory?
From the submissions and links on the index.

How Much Money Do You Make From the Directory?
Made nearly 100$ from it.

Did You Create This Directory Or Buy It?
I created it.

Have You Managed To Get Listed With Many Directory-Submitters?
No,because it's paid directory and hasn't got any PR.

What Plans Do You Have for This Directory?
I'll promote it a lot and make a new template for it!


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